The work of Christian growth

The Apostle Paul knew that the Christian walk to maturity does not happen automatically.

The Gospel saves effectively all by itself – thank God for that (for an example of such a prayer, read Col 1:3-8).

But once converted, we are required to labour hard towards spiritual maturity, spiritual completeness.

One of the labours we ought to excel at in our own live as well as practise on behalf of one another, is the labour of praying for spiritual maturity. This must be the most common of our prayer for other believers. In fact, praying for spiritual maturity is a prayer you can pray for every Christian – even the ones whose exact troubles and concerns you might not be aware of.

Col 1:9-14 is an example of a prayer for spiritual maturity. Read it, pray it for your spouse, parents, and children. Pray it for the saints at church – the ones you are good friends with, and those you know only by sight.

Paul had probably never met most of the Colossians, but that didn’t hinder him from prayer good prayers for them. Learn from him. Make Col 1:9-14 one of your favourite prayers.

The work of Christian growth
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