1) Fathers, keep yourself and your family from worldliness

In Ezekiel 14 the prophet grabs for names that would picture impeccable righteousness in spite of the absolute worst cultural sinfulness, and the names he decides on are the names of Noah, Daniel, and Job. These are men who kept themselves and, where applicable, their families, from worldliness.

You cannot keep your family out of the world, but you can make your influence in their lives an influence that teaches Biblical thinking, Godly behaviour, and personal purity in the face of the sinfulness of this world. Noah was the only righteous man that God found on the earth during his day, so if you have some godly friends then you are already more blessed than he was, and he kept obeying the Lord even if it would be only his family doing so. Daniel had only three godly friends, and yet he excelled in his secular job as political advisor to a number of wicked and ungodly men. He did not neglect the prayer and studying of God’s Word that characterised his life. And so also Job, surrounded by his close friends who for years on end deliberately tried to bend his will to think more like man thinks, and less like God thinks. But Job kept himself from the influences and pressures of the world even when the influences and pressures where in his own home.

2) Be consistent in your own godliness

James 5:11 again uses Job as an example to us. This time it is in a call for us to be steadfast while we learn to observe God’s compassion and mercy. Be steadfast in your faith, be consistent in thought, be predictable in behaviour, be faithful in parenting, be exemplary in marriage, remain forever involved as a father. When you fail, remember God’s mercy. When it is hard, remember God’s compassion. Regularly find yourself at the foot of the throne of God, asking for His compassion and mercy on you, and your family. Work hard at protecting your wife and children from the horrors of this world and from the temptations and vices that fill our society, but entrust them to the Lord’s compassion and mercy.

Fathers, keep yourself and your family from worldliness, and be steadfast in your godliness.