In chapter three of the letter by James, he affirms the difference that true faith will make to those who love to speak.

Teachers of the faith will employ their tongues very differently to how they had before salvation – especially so in the moment of teaching, but also in their conversations with the ‘less desirables’ in their lives (verses 1-12).

Most profoundly, faith will make a difference in their conduct. Being wise and understanding will no longer be defined by teaching ability and insight alone, but also by gracious conduct towards others. Their behaviour will be as much a teacher as their words. (verses 13-18).

True faith makes a difference in how you influence others. Does your faith produce more of verses 14-16 or more of verses 17-18 in those around you? In other words, is your faith, dead faith, and you need to turn to Jesus in confession, or is your faith, true faith, and it is the fruit from above that is evident in your Christian walk?