James chapter four illustrates very vividly of how true faith makes a difference when it comes to our understanding of sin, human desires, and God’s grace.

We understand that disagreements turn into sinful fights, not because of the other person, but from within (verses 1-3).

We understand that being a friend of God means recognising worldliness as a vice from which we need to be cleansed (verse 4-8).

We understand that life is best lives with a humble awareness of spiritual realities rather than a frivolous happiness. (verses 9-10).

We understand that the standard of right and wrong is God, not ourselves (verses 11-12).

We understand that God’s gracious will determines our ‘tomorrow’ more than our plans do (verses 12-15).

We understand that our aim in life is not to boast in self, but to obey God (verses 16-17).