True faith is very comprehensive. In James chapter 5, true faith proves how it will make a difference in both our habitual daily acts like spending money, working, or paying wages, and true faith will make a difference in how we prepare for eternity.

True faith changes our perspective on ill-gotten gains (verses 1-6). Now we hate the injustices done for the sake of increasing earthly treasure. If you are an employer of others, check your own payroll principles.

On the other side of the earthly spectrum, true faith changes our perspective on suffering (verses 7-11). Endurance is valued more than instant relief, the practise of patience replaces the habit of complaining.

On a little side note, honesty in communication is honoured by those with true faith (verse 12).

Lastly, and this brings all of the book of James together, true faith makes us recognise the spiritual realities of all earthly experiences. Each earthly circumstance receives an appropriate spiritual response (verse 13), unconfessed sin is confessed (verses 14-16), and spiritual care for one another, both in prayer (verses 17-18), and in confrontation (verses 19-20), supercedes all other cares.

James: True faith makes a difference