As Christians we have so much! Of all the many blessings we as Christians have, there are two that are of such a wonderful nature, that
we ought to prize them above all else. First, we have love, and second, we have truth. We love each other in ways that the world cannot possibly start to understand (2 Jo 1:1), and we have knowledge of the Truth that will remain with us forever (1 Jo 1:2).

We have experienced the “grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ” (1 Jo 1:3). We have been freed from the darkness of man’s varied opinions and changing theories to walk in the Truth handed down to us by our Heavenly Father Himself (1 Jo 1:4). The truth and love that we received from God ought to shine through our lives too. We ought to show daily love to one another in ways that God has required of us since He first said “love your neighbour as yourself” (1 Jo 1:5). We need to pay special attention to the commandment that we have been taught, because many believe false things about Christ and are deceiving many (1 Jo 1:6-7).

So, “watch yourselves, so that you may not lose what we have worked for, but may win a full reward.” (1 Jo 1:8). The truth and the love that we have from God is such an extraordinary combo of blessing that we need to watch ourselves diligently to ensure that we do not lose it. There is a reward awaiting all who walk in truth and love, so watch yourselves very closely. Daily anxieties tempt us to disbelieve the truth about God, so watch yourselves. The sins of others tempt us to withdraw our love from one another, so watch yourselves. The media of the world tempt us to doubt God’s Word, so watch yourselves. The events of this world tempt us to qualify our love for one another, so watch yourselves. There is a reward awaiting all who walk in love and truth, so may sure you win the full reward!It is easy to know if you are still walking in truth, just test yourself on how well you believe all that Jesus had taught (1 Jo 1:9).

It is also easy to know if you are still walking in love, just test yourself on who you most enjoy spending time with (1 Jo 1:10-12).
It is in the company of the saints where we are most challenged to love one another, but also where we are most able to show true love to one another. The company of the saints is also where we are most exposed to and reminded of the Truth about God, this world, and ourselves.

Let us watch ourselves carefully, therefore, in how we think about Church and other believers. Let us continue in all the love and truth that we are already so invested in, for then we will win a full reward!