Worship is not some mystical supposedly hyper-spiritual feeling where you feel closer to God simply because you were at church.

Worship is living and speaking in such a way as to draw attention to God’s will.

The Psalms are commonly known as great expressions of worship – and yet, most of them reflect simply daily circumstances and the response of the godly to those circumstances. Sure many Psalms are grand praise choruses to God, sung during temple worship. But most of them are simply godly men drawing the attention of the singers of their time to the will of God – Who God is and How God works.

The Psalms are all great examples of worship – and the expressions of worship in the Psalms vary, but throughout them all is a strong and unashamed display of God. As you read the Psalms you quickly realise that every one of the Psalmists were better theologians than writers. They were better preachers of God’s character and will than they were commentators on their own trials or blessings.

You worship when you think like God thinks, live like God commanded you to live, and in everything fulfil the will of God, and not your own desires.

As you read the Psalms, identify the character traits of God in display, and imitate that emphasis as you think and speak about your own trials and blessings. This is how we glorify God in everything.