Countless times this month we were forced to think about Jesus’ birth. Be it your own Christmas meditations, a comment from a friend about his holiday plans, a Christmas carol in a shop, a big over-dressed man in the mall, or the endless red, green and gold decorations in the city, as a Christian you couldn’t help but think about the earthly birth of your Saviour so many years ago. What was your follow-up to those thoughts?

When the leaders of Israel heard about Jesus’ birth, they got agitated and planned to kill him (Matthew 2:3, 13)

When the average person on the street heard about Jesus’ birth, they were amazed, but didn’t worship (Luke 2:18).

But, when the angels (Luke 2:14), shepherds (Luke 2:20), prophets (Luke 2:30-32 and Luke 2:38) and wise men (Matthew 2:10-11) had thoughts about Jesu’s birth, they all worshipped.