Many of the Psalms are crafted in the crucible of extreme trial. This is no less true of Psalm 5. But Psalm 5 is not only a prayer of pouring out one’s soul to the Lord. Neither is Psalm 5 merely a prayer of seeking deliverance and vindication. Psalm 5 is also a prayer to be more righteous.

David understood that if he would be ungodly in his responses to wicked men, then he himself would displease his Lord (v. 4). No wonder David began each day of his trial with the worship of God – not just prayer for deliverance, but worship because of a great trust in the Lord (v. 3).

When you are under trial, do not lose your own fear of God (v. 7). Pray that the Lord not only guide you to deliverance, but also lead you in a righteous response to your trials (v. 8).

Remember, God’s blessing is most uniquely promised to the righteous (v. 12). When suffering, plead for righteousness. When under trial, look not only to your suffering, but look also to your God. He is righteous and He delights in righteousness.