In all the troubling times where endless questions flood our minds, but no answers seem evident, the Scripture always has a firm answer. It is an answer that transcends the answers we desire for the situation at hand, and is instead an answer that brings peace and perspective even if all other answers are never revealed.

One of the most vivid revelations of this answer is in Job 42:1-6. Here is a short devotional summary on those verses that provide the one unchanging answer to all our unanswered questions in life.

Job’s confession and repentance took place finally. He still did not know why he suffered so profoundly, but he was done complaining, questioning, and challenging God’s wisdom and justice. He was reduced to such utter humility, crushed beneath the weight of God’s greatness, that all he could do was repent for his insolence. Without answers to all of his questions, Job quietly bowed in humble submission before his Creator and admitted that God was sovereign (cf. Is. 14:24; 46:8–11). Most importantly for the message of the book, Job was still diseased and without his children and possessions, and God had not changed anything (except for the humbling of the heart of his servant). Satan had been proven completely wrong in the charges he brought against Job and in thinking he could destroy true saving faith; Job’s companions were completely wrong in the charges they brought against him; but most critically, Job himself was completely wrong in the charges he had raised against God. He expressed his own sorrowful regret that he had not just accepted God’s will without such ignorant complaints and questions.

John MacArthur, The MacArthur Study Bible, Job 42:1-6

We might not have all the answers, but we can rest from our questioning, doubts, and fears and know God’s greatness is sufficient.