Praising the LORD is not only the duty and privilege of the redeemed. Certainly every person saved from sin owes the LORD excessive praises, but the reality is that all things ought to praise the LORD.

In Psalm 148 the following list is given of those who have an obligation and responsibility to praise the LORD.

  • all the supernatural beings in heaven (1-2)
  • all the different things in the universe (3-4)
  • all the things in Creation like sea animals (7), weather phenomena (8), landscapes and vegetation (9), as well as all animals (10)
  • all the important people (11)
  • all the common people (12)

The reason why each item in this list should be praising the LORD is because He made each one of them (v. 5), appointed them a place to praise Him (v. 7), and none of them are nearly as great as He is (v. 13). Make much of the LORD today, for He made you, appointed you your place in life, and He is greater than you

To cap it all off, in v. 14 the saints are mentioned. Although they are certainly included in the command to “Praise the LORD!”, we read that they too are praised. Not in the sense that the LORD is to be praised, but in the sense that they are the recipients of such a great Being’s benevolence. We are the object of attention in God’s display of goodness, therefore let us compel all to praise our Lord and God.