To answer the question of why Job kept worshipping God, it might help dividing Job’s expressions of worship into three periods of his life.

The first period is Job’s worship of God before the Satanic attacks on his faith began. We do not know how Job came to salvation other than he was chosen by God just like Noah and Abram were. God evidently revealed much to Job about daily godliness and worship. In Job 1:1 we are introduced to this man simply with the affirmation of his impeccable character, his fear of the LORD—OT for “faith in the LORD”, and his continual worship (Job 1:5). Job worshipped God because, just like us, he had come to know and believe the LORD .

The second period is Job’s worship of God throughout the Satanic attacks on his faith. This is what most of the book of Job is about. Job’s many speeches give us some key insights as to why Job kept worshipping God so faithfully throughout it all—and remember, Job didn’t even know the “Why?!” of it all revealed to us in chapters 1-2! Here are some of the key verses explaining why Job kept worshipping God throughout his suffering. Job worshipped God, and kept worshipping God because,

  • God can do whatever he wants (Job 1:21; Job 2:10)
  • God is never wrong (Job 1:22)
  • God is wiser and stronger than anyone else (Job 9:2-4)
  • God is not a lowly human (Job 9:32)
  • God is better at considering our case than we are (Job 16:19)
  • Job knew he was going to get to see God one day (Job 19:26-27)
  • Job knew that God knew that he was going to pass the test (Job 23:10)
  • Job kept obeying God’s Word one day at a time (Job 23:11-12)
  • God was going to finish what He had started in Job (Job 23:14)
  • Job knew that there is much more to God than our experiences can tell us (Job 26:14)
  • God is the only one who knows true wisdom, we simply need to know Him (Job 28:28)
  • it is presumptuous to question God (Job 40:1-5)
  • God’s purposes will stand, God’s wisdom will prevail, and all who understand that will repent (Job 42:1-6)

Job poured out his heart to God. He cried through all the suffering. He longed to know why. He listened to counsel and examined himself. He struggled with understanding it all. But Job’s faith stood the test, for in all that happened to him, he never let go what he knew to be true about God. Even if his life was taken in the suffering, he would have ended well because he never let go what he knew to be true about God.

The third period is Job’s worship of God after the Satanic attacks had stopped. Job kept worshipping God by repenting (Job 40:5) and interceding for his friends (Job 40:8). The reason why Job kept worshipping the LORD after all the trials is because he was the LORD’s servant (Job 40:7). Then the LORD blessed Job greatly, and the obituary of Job read the same as the other great men of faith (compare Job 42:17 with Isaac in Gen 35:29 and David in 1 Chron 29:28). Job went down in history as a peer to Noah and Daniel (Ezek 14:14, 20) and as an example of steadfast endurance in the faith for all of us (James 5:11).

The short answer to the question “Why did Job keep worshipping God?” is this: Job knew God, and there was no other option but to worship Him.