We all would rather succeed at something than continually fail. We naturally pursue that which improves our lives rather than destroys it. We long for satisfaction, not disappointment. But why?

Why do we want to be successful? Many reasons can be given, but let us never neglect the one in Psalm 119:17

Deal bountifully with your servant, that I may live and keep your word.

Psalm 119:17

It is true that if you have a good life you can eat nicer things, drive nicer cars, have paid-for holidays, and pursue various sports, hobbies, and entertainment. But have you ever longed for a good life so you could serve God better?

It is true that those with more money can afford greater Bible study aids. It is true that those with more flexible work hours can visit more church folk. It is true that those who have big cars can transport more people to church events. It is true that those with greater intellect can help the rest understand the finer details of theology. It is true that those with visionary initiative can start more ministries. It is true that those who have many personal gifts can serve the Lord in many different ways. But it is also true that is it hard for those who have come to love this world to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

You can do much in God’s kingdom if God gave your a prosperous life. But will you? Or perhaps a little more practical for the meantime, are you? Exploit what little/much you have to live and live according to God’s Word. Poverty is no excuse for godly living, for many a poor Christian has shamed the rich in their faithfulness to the Lord, but it is also good to pray for a good life so that you can live well and make a big deal of God’s Word.