In the last week of Jesus’ ministry before His death, He used His interactions with the people to clarify the Gospel. Many claimed to be worshippers of God, but in their questions to Jesus, they demonstrated great hatred. Jesus used their questions to clarify their problem so they too could come to confess Him as Lord.

The problems that Jesus addressed back then are still the same today. A quick glance through the teachings of Jesus during the Passion week reminds us why we so need clarity on the Truth.

We need clarity on the Truth about God, Jesus, His Word, and Christian living because,

  1. many use places of worship to enrich and improve themselves instead of worship humbly before God (Luke 19:45-48),
  2. many question the obvious authority of God for the sake of being ‘open minded’ about obvious truth (Luke 20:1-8),
  3. many believe that God will accept them no matter what they have done (Luke 20:9-19),
  4. many would rather quarrel over hot-topic issues instead of insisting on the simple acts of obedience (Luke 20:20-26),
  5. many would rather dialogue over the obscure hypotheticals of spirituality than uphold clearly revealed truth (Luke 20:27-40),
  6. many are ignorant of basic Biblical verses and doctrines (Luke 20:41-44),
  7. many are quick to show off their worship (think selfies at church!) instead of being faithful in all of life (Luke 20:45-21:4),
  8. many are easily misled with the newest sensational End Times news links (Luke 21:5-9),
  9. many have given in to peer pressure when the opportunity to witness about Jesus was given (Luke 21:10-19),
  10. many are lacking courage to endure difficulty (Luke 21:20-28), and
  11. many have replaced the Word of God with worldliness (Luke 21:29-36)

Let us examine ourselves for these eleven ways, and return to absolute clarity on the righteousness of God, the salvation found in Jesus Christ, and the call to true Christian living.