“Why do you worship God?” For believers, that is not a difficult question to answer. The more difficult question is “Where do you start?!” It seems that Psalm 147 also didn’t really know where to start, so the author just started, and then continued for 20 verses with a number of calls to praise the Lord as little stanza headings to break it up in manageable parts.

Psalm 147:1-6 Praise God …

v. 1 because it is good and fitting

v. 2 because He builds up His own and gathers the scattered

v. 3 because He heals our spiritual/emotional/psychological troubles

v.4 because He knows all the stars by name

v. 5 because He is the greatest, the most powerful, and the all-knowing

v.6 because He cares about the humble and destroys the wicked

Psalm 147:7-11 Praise God …

v. 8 because He provides the water cycle for nature

v. 9 because He provides for the animals

v. 10 because He is not obsessed with earthly strength

v. 11 because He enjoys those who have faith in Him, hope in Him, and are love by Him

Psalm 147:12-20 Praise God …

v. 13 because He blesses us with children

v. 14 because He protect us and provides for us physically

v. 15 because He tells the world what to do

v. 16 because He makes the pretty snow and frost

v. 17 because hailstones are like crumbs to Him

v. 18 because the sun, wind, and water obey Him

v. 19 because He told people Who He is and what He does

v. 20 because He treats us better than many others

Therefore, as the Psalm ends, Praise the Lord!