Experience and education are hailed as the great tutors of life in this world. We trust those with experience more than we trust those with mere head knowledge, and we trust those with reputable head knowledge more than we trust those who merely repeat their own opinions. Experience and education are the very best that this world has to offer mankind in making a success of their earthly lives.

But God offers something even better—His Word. God offers mankind insight about this earth from the vantage point of Someone who is outside this earth. God offers mankind understanding of life that only the Creator would know about it all. God offers mankind wisdom for life’s complexities that this world is simply not capable of conceiving by itself.

This means there is hope for every person. We are not resigned to figure it out for ourselves, learning only through our own repeated mistakes (the less flattering definitions of “experience”). We are also not resigned to trust those who think they have figured it out for themselves who have learned what they know through their own repeated mistakes. Instead we have Truth, available to the naive and experienced alike, and able to be understood by the simpleton and educated alike.

I have more understanding than all my teachers,
for your testimonies are my meditation.
I understand more than the aged,
for I keep your precepts.

Psalm 11:99-100 (ESV)

The two uses of “understand” in these verses speak of the things that come through careful observation, pondering, insight, intelligence, consideration, instruction, and perception. They speak of things that produce skill, success, prudence, and wisdom.

Do not neglect your study of the Word of God. As Charles Spurgeon said so aptly,

Visit many books, but live in the Bible