If you were my son, I’d make you read all the books in the world-view section of my bookshelf. Over the course of your life, develop a Biblical response to science, philosophy, morality, ethics, work, money, family, friends, technology, entertainment, social issues, politics, and the likes of them.

Not every Christian might have those interests, nor is it necessary for every Christian to be fully versed in every major arena of life. However, every Christian must develop a thoroughly Biblical mind in order to translate Christian truth into genuine Christian thinking and to extend that Christian thinking into every arena of life.

To put it simply, world-view sensibility is the common sense to know what is truly important. Don’t just have your opinion. Any fool can have an opinion. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it is worthy of being uttered. Adopt the Bible’s opinion on all things.

A practical way to challenge your current world-view sensibility is to read the daily newspaper’s front page and find a sound Scriptural response to the main article. It will be hard at first, but will become progressively easier as you apply Biblical common sense to your own thinking.