“Worship God; Love People; Use Things” was the easy-to-remember reminder from a missionary about our earthly priorities. Mix them up any other way, and it all ends disastrously; keep them intact and in order, and you will be the most sensible human being on the planet.

Ask yourself about each of the alternatives, by way of introspection and meditation today.

Do you, as you ought, worship God, love people and use things?

Or, do you believe that you worship God, but you use people because you actually love things?

Or do you claim to love God, but actually worship people as you use your things, or worse, claim to love God, but use people because you worship the things of this world?

Or is God the one you use? You use God, because you worship people and love things, or you use God, and you think you love people, but actually you truly worship things?

Read the above questions again, emphasising the words in italics.

We are called to worship the Lord God.
(Deut 8:19; Deut 10:12; Deut 13:4; Ps 76:11; Ps 99:5; Luk 4:8)

We are called to love other people.
(Matt 22:39; Rom 13:8-10; Gal 5:14)

We are called to use the things of this world in our worship of God and our love for others.
(Luk 10:30-37; Luk 16:1-13; Acts 20:35)

Worship God; Love People; Use Things.